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Tropical Leaves

Customer Installations 
- customers transforming their spaces


A gnome on his elevated perch keeping watch over the yard.


A Fish mounted to the front of a gold fish pond. 


A massive "flip tailed" sockeye salmon takes the stage in this fishing themed room.   


Sweet pea climbing an obelisk and reaching for the sun. 

Trout_Dani and Steve Richard .jpg

Large trout found his new home on a tree that had been cut down.


Garden stake adorns newly remodeled bathroom.


Yoda the cat mounted to a cubicle wall. This cat loving customer added lights behind the eyes.


This customized beaded flower will be the focus of this street-side garden. Can't wait to see how this turns out when it is planted... 


Dragon fly on patrol.


Making a  bold statement with a school of sockeye salmon (19 total).  This setting is among massive stones, numerous works of art, and plenty of outdoor rooms for socializing. Truly, a unique and stunning location.


Customer relocated house numbers and replaced it with a placard showing their love for hiking, bikes (the sun is a bike sprocket) and nature.


This fisherman is much happier now. Who would of thought a 1.5" fish would make a difference but it did - it provided the bait needed to catch fish!


A two foot long Pacific Goeduck clam and yes, the owner has caught them this big!

Emelda and Stu small dragonfly.jpg

A dragonfly graces the garden.

Tory gate insert_edited.jpg

Clematis gate window/insert. Owner has  numerous varieties of clematis in her yard!


Guitar stand mounted off-center above the couch in a musician's office providing a more dynamic look.  


Kit Kat mounted to a cubicle wall. Customer added lights behind the eyes and the hat to enliven this little guy.


Sasquatch sighting! Sasquatch on the move...

Joni's trellis_edited.jpg

Butterfly Trellis commissioned to support a trailing camellia.

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